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ToneWood Amp
ToneWood Amp & Shadow Pickup Bundle
ToneWood Amp

ToneWood Amp + Shadow Bundle

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The Shadow SH 711 is a fast and easy-to-install disc transducer designed for any instrument. The larger 20mm transducer senses more low frequencies than smaller 12mm transducers.

Requires no battery and installs in seconds. Sensor mounts to any instrument to sense vibrations and convert them to an electrical signal. Sensor adheres with included non-permanent "tak" adhesive. 
Includes 1' cable with 1/4” Output Jack


If your guitar does not have a pickup and the Fishman Neo-D Pickup will not fit in your soundhole (or doesn't have a soundhole) then this is the bundle you need. Comes with the Shadow pickup and a ToneWood Amp.