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1970's MINT Yamaha G100-212 Vintage Amp
1970's MINT Yamaha G100-212 Vintage Amp

1970's MINT Yamaha G100-212 Vintage Amp

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If you do a little research on this amp you will see that this is the deal of the century. 


This is a Gen 1 Yamaha G100-212. It's very cool solid state amp made in the late 1970's by Yamaha in Japan.

It was intended to compete with the Fender Twin Reverb & Roland JC120. The G100-212 quickly became a favourite of several jazz greats such as Pat Metheny, Mike Stern and more.

This amp is in absolutely remarkable condition - all original. The clean sound is astonishingly great. Clean & LOUD. Thankfully the amp takes pedals well as the distortion is.. not great. Of course that's a matter of opinion but if you read about these amps - it's definitely the clean channel that is coveted.

Note: as pictured the 1/4" jack on the back of the amp for the "distortion" feature of the footswitch is missing (no footswitch included). This has no effect on the performance of the amp.

If you are looking at this amp you either know what it is or you don't. If you don't there are tons of details online of you google it. You will find that these amps have some very dedicated fans and they don't really seem to come around very often - especially in this condition.