Instead of an instrument rental program, Faders offers an innovative solution for students who aren't 100% sure they will like the instrument they have chosen. We call it the Student Instrument Buyback!

This is how it works:

  • The student buys an instrument & registers for a 10 Pack of Lessons
  • After the 10 lessons, the student can either keep their instrument and continue with lessons or they can return the instrument to Faders where we will buy it back.
  • The student can take the buy back as a refund or put it towards a different instrument as store credit.
  • The amount you get for the returned instrument depends on a few factors (mainly the condition) but usually works out to 75% - 85% of what you paid.

Example: Keyboard purchased for $349.99. Buyback rate estimated between $262.49 to $297.50 (75%-85% of the original purchase price)