Ted Good Music


It was over 50 years ago that Ted Good started teaching lessons out of his basement at 747-10th Street in Brandon. After five decades, numerous expansions and thousands of strums, crashes and chords later we are as committed as ever to helping you find your voice at Ted Good Music.

In that time we've evolved from the small lesson program that Ted Good originally started, to the largest music store in Western Manitoba offering a wide range in products and services. We carry leading brands such as Fender, Yamaha, Godin, Gretsch, Mapex, Marshall, Shure, Sabian, Roland, Boss, Dunlop and many others.

We have an experienced service department that can look after those buzzes, hums and rattles that afflict whatever your instrument of choice may be. And of course we still maintain a strong lesson program with dedicated teachers ready to guide you on your way to making beautiful music.

At Ted Good Music our goal has and will always be bringing music into your life and with our experienced staff and many services we know we can help you find the instrument and the skills to turn that spark inside of you into something incredible. So find yourself, at Ted Good Music.

In the fall of 2021 Ted Good Music was purchased by Faders Music Inc. Both stores are continuing to offer the same products, services and support that our customers have come to expect. Each store will keep their specialized product mixes and unique identities - Teds is still Teds, Faders is still Faders.

Faders and Teds are now able to work together to provide the absolute best customer experience - in-store and online - to Brandon, Westman and Canada. 

Locally owned & Independent Music Stores. 🤘😎

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Ted Good Music - 747-10th Street - Brandon, MB
(204) 728-1110 - tedgood@mts.net


Faders Music - 2412A Victoria Ave. - Brandon, MB
(204) 571-0428 - info@faders.ca